My Friend Amy

Amy was a complete spitfire.

She had the delicate balance of being incredibly brilliant and funny simultaneously, and she supported everything that empowered women and girls.

Amy and Gina at a fundraiser for the Sister’s Project in December 2019.

Long before she met me, when she was only 13, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma.

Having childhood cancer, she would speak of her time in the hospital and tell me about the lifelong friendships she had made while hospitalized.

And then I remember the night we were all together before her heart surgery.

We spent the night playing games and giggling. I remember her being nervous, and none of us fully understood how risky her surgery would be.

Amy and Gina with other women at the Fundraiser for the Sister’s Project.

Amy passed away on June 1.

The thought that her heart problems are a result of her childhood cancer treatment hits me hard this month since June is National Cancer Survivor Month.

She was a survivor, but she’s not here with me today.

In her absence, I try to remember what I’ve learned through our friendship. Because of Amy, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile much more.



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